Friday, 19 October 2012

What happens at a Slimming World meeting

I know every Slimming World class will be different but I thought I would explain what happens at my meeting.  For me it is the class that makes the difference.  I can't do it myself, I need the support and almost pressure of knowing I will be getting weighed.

New Members

In your first week when you go in to the class, you will be guided to a table for new members.  The class leader will then come over and give the 'new member talk', where she/he will basically go over the plan and the different books that you are given.  This talk can be quite overwhelming as it is a lot of information at one time, but try and take everything in and ask any questions that pop in to your head, no matter how silly you think they are!! 

After the talk you will then go and sit with the rest of the members for Image Therapy (explained later). After that has finished and other members have left, new members will pay and get weighed.


The cost of a slimming club is often what put people off, as you are basically paying to get weighed (which you can do in Boots for 20p) , but for me it is worth it.  Slimming World often do different vouchers and deals in magazines so look out for them.  This could be free membership or a weeks free etc.

Usually the cost is;
£10 joining fee and £4.95 per week  -  This cost includes the basic starter pack.

You can also buy a 6 week and 12 week count down which is paid in one installment.  A 6 week countdown is - pay for 5 weeks get 1 free, and 12 week countdown is - pay for 10 weeks get 2 free.

Over and above the basic costs you can also buy a variety of (optional) slimming world goodies including SW magazine, HI-Fi bars - which can be used as your Healthy Extra B and different books.  These are optional of course but I would highly recommend the SW magazine, which you get cheaper in class than in stores and the Hi-Fi bars.

A normal class

For other members, you come into the class, pay and then go and get weighed. Once weighed you go and sit down (our class is set out in a half circle shape with a table in the middle with lots of books/food ideas on it) and wait for everyone to get weighed and the class leader to finish the new member talk.  You do not have to stay after being weighed, but it is recommended.

The class leader will then start Image Therapy.

Image Therapy has been specially developed to empower, encourage and enlighten you each week as you share ideas, recipes, inspirational stories and laughter. It’s the most effective support there is – and you’ll only find it at Slimming World

My class leader starts with any awards to be given out.  For every 1/2 stone and stone you get a sticker for your book and a certificate.  Being the teacher I am... I love some shiny stickers :)  And I have put my certificates on the cupboard above my fridge!!

She then starts Image Therapy. When you get weighed, your weight is inputted into a little device and the class manager uses that to go round the room and speak to each member. She never embarrasses anyone but just talks through why someone gained and what they can do for next time, or celebrates if someone lost.  It is also a great time to share tips and recipes.  I love listening to others!! 

Slimmer of the Week is then given out.  Slimmer of the week is given to the person who lost the most weight that week (aslong as it is not their 1 weigh in and they have lost weight the week before).  Slimmer of the week gets a sticker and a certificate and also gets a bag of food that others have contributed too (the class leader asks you to bring in a little something every week, an apple, a mugshot etc).

My class also do a raffle.  You can buy a ticket at the start of the class and a winner is drawn and they win the prize.  The prize varies from food ingredients, kitchen utensils or something fun.

Class Leader (and the  class)

Class Leaders are specially trained for the job and have been through it themselves, so use them as much as you can!! They are a wealth of knowledge and are there to help!!
My class leader, Lynn, is just absolutely fab.  She is so supportive and friendly and most definitely motivates me to continue!!  

Also, use your class as best as you can,  I know some people weigh and go, but I could not do without the support of a class.  Luckily my class is just brilliant, so many different people of all shapes and sizes but every one of them there for the same reason.  They are the people who know what you are going through and can help you through rough times, or celebrate with you on good weeks!!
So there you go, a quick (ok it wasn't quick) overview of what happens at a Slimming World meeting :)


  1. Should all members get a sticker and certifcate please as we only get stickers at our group but it seems all other groups get certificates too? xx

  2. Today I celebrate my journey with Slimming World. Not with food or drink but with a feeling of immense satisfaction. I have remained in target for 1 full year and so I have received my diamond certificate and badge to pin on my lapel. Out of control type 2 diabetes was my reason for joining Slimming World. With the threat of insulin injections on top of the tablets I wanted to do something about it. Since reaching target last January I haven't had to have injections and my tablet medication has been halved twice. At my next diabetes review I may be taken off medication all together. So it does work. But one has to stick with it and make it a life style. Rejoice with me in passing this milestone. Rob Sturbridge West Mids.